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A completely re-engineered platform, made for Linux.

The DevOps Platform for
Claris FileMaker

An Xcode-like project workspace for collaborative, branched development, version control, change logging, unit/integration testing, release management, automated deployment and data migration, and centralized server monitoring — all from within FileMaker Pro.

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· DevOps

Automate your software lifecycle

The more streamlined, integrated and optimized your development processes are the higher your DevOps maturity. The higher the maturity the easier, faster and more reliably you and your team can develop, maintain, deploy and monitor solutions for your clients.
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· Features

Adapt modern practices

Easily integrate version control and testing into your development workflows. Manage and automate deployments and data migrations for your clients. And monitor all your servers from a single place. This makes it easy to manage all your projects in a single place while enabling you and your team to follow modern development practices.

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Every new version includes bug fixes and new features. Read all about new features, fixed issues and currently known limitations in the documentation.
Beta 5 Release Notes
· Research

Developed at the
IT University of Copenhagen

Devin was created as part of the MSc thesis Developing a DevOps tool for FileMaker, using FileMaker by David Wollesen.
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Research Results

By using Devin, a team will see the following DevOps improvements:


increase in Version Control and Change Logging


increase in Deployment


increase in Testing


increase in Monitoring
· Feedback
See, request, vote and comment on feature requests made by others.
This way we make sure to prioritise the right features.
Public Roadmap
· pricing

Expected pricing plans

Start with a single server for free,
then upgrade to include more.