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macOS server support, post migration scripts, custom release and deployment workflows and much more.
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The DevOps Platform for
Claris FileMaker

A project workspace for your team to practice version control, regression testing, deployments and data migrations — all from within FileMaker Pro.

· DevOps

Implement DevOps

Transform your Claris FileMaker project workflows. Devin elevates your software lifecycle, including testing, deployments, and data migrations. Say goodbye to manual, time-consuming tasks. Automated pipelines can quickly check for errors, deploy updates smoothly, and handle data migrations efficiently. This upgrade streamlines your process, making your team faster and more effective in delivering quality software to clients.
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· Features

Streamlined workflows

Seamlessly incorporate version control, branched development, and testing into your team's Claris FileMaker development processes. Streamline the management and automation of deployments and data migrations for your clients. Furthermore, oversee all your servers conveniently from one central location. This unified approach simplifies project management and empowers you and your team to implement CI/CD pipelines to really work like pros!
Follow the quick guide and get started in the matter of minutes. Learn all about the concepts and features in the full documentation.
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· Research

Developed at the
IT University of Copenhagen

Devin was created as part of the MSc thesis Developing a DevOps tool for FileMaker, using FileMaker by David Wollesen.
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Research Results

By using Devin, a team will see the following DevOps improvements:


increase in Version Control and Change Logging


increase in Deployment


increase in Testing


increase in Monitoring