Getting Started

This guide covers the basics of how to install and setup Devin in only a few minutes. For a more detailed guide, see the Documentation.

If you do not manage your own servers, we got your cloud provider covered as well! If they are not already a Devin Partner, they can reach out to this Email.

Server Setup
On your Development Server, download and start the installer by running the following terminal commands as root:
chmod +x
sudo ./
  • Optionally, install Devin Server on additional servers
    (like test or production)
  • Save the API Key generated during installation.
App Setup
On your computer:
  • Download and install the App
  • Restart FileMaker Pro
  • Open the App, create and account and connect to your Development Server
Add your servers
In the App, go to Settings:
  • For the Development Server, click Install Script Schedule
  • For other servers, enter the API Key
  • Use Test Connection to verify the connection to FMS Admin API and Devin API
Create your first project
In the App:
  • Create a Project
  • Add files and branch them for development
  • Link production files
  • Commit versions and release them to production
  • Use the Update button to automatically clone, deploy and migrate when new versions are ready for your production files
More Information
For a more detailed guide, please see the Documentation or reach out to us via Email.